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Hydrate - Next Generation Hydration

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Dehydration affects a staggering 80% of Australians, causing symptoms like headaches, fatigue, and decreased mental + physical performance.

Hydrate, a next-generation hydration drink designed not just to quench thirst but to optimise cellular function and enhance natural energy. Unlike traditional sports drinks on the market, Hydrate offers a scientifically backed formula that meets the electrolyte recommendations set by the American College of Sports Medicine, ensuring effective hydration for everyone, from athletes to busy mums, uni students and hardworking tradesmen and professionals.

Most hydration drinks don't even contain the right amount of electrolytes to hydrate you! Be hydrated with the next generation hydration drink; HYDRATE. 
With an unparalleled formula of 1502mg of Electrolytes and 500mg of Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs), this isn't just hydration; it's total cellular optimisation.
Supercharged with a robust B + C Vitamin Complex designed to ignite your natural energy reserves, pushing you further without the crash.

Stop reaching for caffeine for that quick hit; Hydrate offers sustainable, clean energy that syncs perfectly with your body's needs.

Forget what you know about staying hydrated; with just 4-6 calories and 99% sugar-free composition, Hydrate is the clean, efficient fuel your life has been thirsting for. Elevate your hydration;

Drink. Hydrate.

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How To Use

Drink the Bottle!

Upon Waking Up:

  • Why: After 6-8 hours of sleep, your body is mildly dehydrated. Drinking Hydrate first thing in the morning helps kickstart your metabolism and aids in the removal of toxins that have built up overnight.


  • Why: The 1502mg of electrolytes will prepare your muscles for exertion, while the B + C Vitamin Complex can provide a natural energy boost, eliminating the need for caffeine-based pre-workout supplements.

During Exercise:

  • Why: Physical activity increases sweat production, leading to a loss of water and electrolytes. Replacing lost electrolytes and taking advantage of the BCAAs can help improve both endurance and strength, ensuring you get the most out of your workout session.

After Exercise:

  • Why: Post-exercise hydration helps with recovery by facilitating muscle repair and replenish lost electrolytes and fluids. The BCAAs in the formula will aid muscle recovery, while the electrolytes will help replenish what you've lost through sweat. The B + C Vitamin Complex will provide a sustainable energy boost, aiding in quicker recovery.

When You're Feeling Fatigued/ Mid-Day slump:

  • Why: Dehydration can lead to low energy levels and mental fatigue. Instead of reaching for a caffeine-loaded beverage, opt for "Hydrate" to naturally re-energize your system with its B + C Vitamin Complex.

In Hot Weather:

  • Why: Warmer temperatures and higher humidity increase the rate of water loss through sweat. It's essential to hydrate more frequently in these conditions to avoid heat-related illnesses.

When You're Ill:

  • Why: Fever, vomiting, and diarrhea can lead to increased fluid loss. Hydrating can help speed up recovery and alleviate symptoms. The B + C Vitamin Complex can support your immune system, and staying well-hydrated is crucial when you're fighting off an illness.

After Alcohol Consumption:

  • Why: Hydrate's rich electrolyte profile can help offset the dehydrating effects of alcohol, while B + C vitamins may assist in faster recovery.

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